We’ve all seen it: the flooding of ads on our social media pages. Some seem interesting and result in us clicking on them, while and others are simply annoying and end with us ignoring them completely. But why?Facebook and social media letters

Because some brands are better at social media marketing than others.

When I first started marketing on Facebook almost five years ago, I hadn’t the slightest what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted my product to be seen on social media because it was the fastest growing and most cost efficient form of marketing available. Though I received a couple sales (and by a couple I literally mean two) from my first round of social media marketing, I knew I could do much better.

Almost two years later, I started another page for an entirely different business my father and I started, on Facebook. This version resulted in more traffic to the business, but my posting on social media was still being widely ignored. I had to figure out a way to get customers by posting on social media.

I didn’t figure this out until two years later.

I didn’t abandon the Facebook page for my father and my business. In fact, I posted on it frequently. In doing so, I began to notice folks responded to certain posts more than others. These posts usually:

  • had a picture
  • had a coupon


  • promoted a giveaway

The picture posts were easy. The coupon and giveaway posts could drive our business into the ground if we offered them too much. The problem was that these were the posts with the highest amount of views and translation into traffic to our business. I was desperately seeking a solution. About six months later, I found one.

Wealthy Affiliate  is an online platform that provides everything you need to create and grow a successful business online. The platform does this for both new and existing businesses. I read daily about how to grow a business and I found nothing like Wealthy Affiliate before. The methods I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate and applied to my social media marketing strategy have dramatically increased customer interaction on our businesses Facebook page, increased searches for it on Google, and increased traffic to our store. Plus, the starter membership is absolutely free. I couldn’t ask for more, yet they give so much.




Wealthy Affiliate transformed my social media marketing strategy because:

  • I was able to understand why certain posts performed better than others
  • when I should be posting to gain views from potential customers
  • how to create more relevant posts
  • how to create engaging posts

These four simple things I learned at Wealthy Affiliate eluded me for almost five years. Now, I have a successful and profitable social media marketing strategy. I want to share this strategy with you.

Check back often, as I will be writing articles on how to market your brand better on social media, without having to pay for ads. I strongly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate too. They have full training on social media marketing, brand strategy, methods for starting a business, and a full community of people willing to help you achieve your business goals.

If you ever have any questions about social media marketing or something you find here, feel free to reach out to me by commenting below. You can also reach me directly at Wealthy Affiliate. My username is JaemiO.


One thought on “Social Media Marketing

  1. I am beginning my online blogs and business. I completely agree that the social media aspect seems scary but I am so happy WA provides the help and support in order to be successful! Your words of wisdom are inspiring and I hope I can grow my business. It has been a month and my friends and family think my articles and blogs are witty. So far, WA has put me on the right track!

    1. I am so happy Wealthy Affiliate is working well for you. Even this article cannot express how much Wealthy Affiliate has helped me in the realm of social media; and that’s just one aspect! I wish you the best of luck with your blog/business. By employing the tools from Wealthy Affiliate, though, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  2. I am in my early days trying to capture interest for my written blog posts on Social Media, like you I have made the odd conversion but nothing regular at present.

    Every-time I publish a new or update an old post I share the links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
    Befriending Google is key for me and like you I have joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn the ropes regarding building an online business and attracting visitors.

    I have been shown the key particular strategies to implement every-time I create a post to which I administer daily, either new or old posts which include the tile, internal-external links, alt tags, meta title and description then onto G+ and fetch as Google plus re-submitting your sitemap.

    Yep, I have a checklist to make sure I include and implement everything for every post, hopefully in the future I will be achieving very high rankings in the Search Engines, as that is my incentive.
    Did you watch Jay’s recent seminar regarding how he achieves high rankings?

    1. Hi Simon,

      Sounds like you’ve gotten quite a bit out of using Wealthy Affiliate as well. That is awesome. Like you, I follow a regular routine, to achieve higher rankings in Google. With all my design experience, I actually didn’t know how Google rankings worked until Wealthy Affiliate. Talk about invaluable knowledge!

      I have not watched his seminar, and will keep it in mind.

      Thanks for dropping by,


  3. I still don’t understand all of social media marketing, the one i’m having the hardest time with is pinterest. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it works. However, wealthy affiliate is a lifesaver, there is endless support and training to help with everything and anything connected to building an online business. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Thanks Hollie.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a godsend. I understand Pinterest better now, thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate training and community. I’m still not the biggest fan of it though. I compensate by utilizing platforms I enjoy and understand better, like Snapchat and YouTube. I think it’s just as important to enjoy the platform we use. Otherwise, we’lltend to become stagnant with our posting and thus our progress.

  4. I’ve been working on white-hat SEO ranking strategies for a few months now for my website, but I really need to focus more on the social media side of things.

    From what I understand, not only can social media get you a lot of traffic really quickly, but since it has that share factor involved, it can also lead to better rankings withing Google’s search results.

    Adding a picture to a Facebook post sounds like a really good idea, I will have to start doing that with all of my posts. I use a couple of different social media sites, but is there any one particular one that you think is superior to the rest?

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by Nick!

      You are exactly right. Google is far more inclined to rank you higher these days based on the interaction your website gets from social media sharing. The built in share factor helps, as does adding like and share buttons on your websites. This has helped me quite a bit.

      I really don’t think any one social media platform is better than the other. Rather, I’ve found different sites are better for different things. Instagram seems to be best for fitness and food folks, Pinterest seems best for crafts, fashion, food, and diy, and Twitter is a better fit for politics and social issues. If I had to pick one though, it would be Facebook. The reason is, Facebook has stood the test of time, has a wider user base, and is typically first in people’s minds.

      More important than picking the right platform, though, is finding one that works for you. Sure. Pinterest may be great for you if you have a furniture upcycling business that teaches diy courses on the weekends, but if you hate using Pinterest, odds are you aren’t going to use it enough to help increase traffic to your website. That’s not helpful at all.

      Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you, not just in function, but usability as well. This will ensure your success.

      What are you currently using to promote your website?


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